An ordinary day; An extraordinary experience


as told by Mary Lenihan, St. Louis, MO

I was off to the Pause Studio and kept hearing to go to the post office en route to the studio. I needed to go, but thought I would go after work. I kept hearing within to go before. Then I thought, “Okay. But I will go to the post office closest to the studio”. I kept getting the nudge to go to the post office that is on the way – the one that is always busy! I followed my
Helpful Self and drove to the post office that was on the way. Yes, it was crowded, but once my number was called I made my way to one of the four postal clerks. No accident Lisa, the clerk, and I found ourselves on either side of the counter. She was so helpful, patient too. Once our transaction was completed I handed her a Pause For Love card and she
leaped for joy, “Oh, I use Pause!” She began sharing loud enough for everyone in the post office to hear how Pause completely transformed her 4-year old grandson. “He was out
of control, doing terrible at his school, the teacher couldn’t control him and he had an IEP
at 4-years old!” I asked her where she found the Pause practice card and she said they were laying around the post office and she had picked one up. (I think I may have left some
 there previously). At this point, I look around and see a post office full of customers “eavesdropping” on Lisa’s testimonial. She goes on to share how she began practicing
Pause, then shared the Parents Can Pause card with her grandson’s teacher, and also
began sharing about pausing with her grandson. His teacher began using Pause with him
and “He completely changed,” she said. “Now at 6 years old, he is well-behaved, doing great in school and getting all purple stars!” I asked, “What is it about purple?” and she replied,
“Oh, that’s the highest color you can get in the classroom.”

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