Hello, Mary here. As Co-founder and Executive Director

of PAUSE, I am asking if you will


With your help, we can continue to provide programs,
materials, and services without cost to those we serve.


We teach The Pause Practices to all people of all ages to learn how to Pause
and access their Truly Helpful Inner Wisdom for help living everyday life.
Decisions, solutions, communications, relationships, situations,
circumstances, and people are all worth a Pause.


All donations to PAUSE FOR INSPIRATION are tax-deductible and will help us to continue to provide programs, downloadable materials, and services for free. WNYHOO-NOW, Inc. (World Needs Your Help One-to-One – NOW! d/b/a Pause For Inspiration) is a 501c3 charitable and educational organization with public charity status under the Internal Revenue Service Code. 


1. Donate by Debit or Credit Card

***PayPal account is not necessary

2. Donate with a check payable to: Pause For Inspiration

Mail check to:
Pause For Inspiration
10829 Olive Blvd., Ste. 200
St. Louis, MO  63141

3. Volunteer

  • Share the free PAUSE products (Practice Cards) and be an indispensable energy of getting out of your own way and connecting with inner Wisdom to be Truly Helpful in the midst of everyday life.
  • Receive Pause Facilitator Training with Mary and teach others how to Pause. 

Check the box to share your address with Pause on your donation and you will be emailed a receipt. 

We truly appreciate your donation

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