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Get to know Your Helpful Self


1. Click on ‘Videos‘ below and pick a presentor to follow along as they read through Pause For your Helpful Self, Kids Can Pause and Parents too!”

2. Play the video below and present it at your own pace.


Pause For Your Helpful Self - Kids Can Pause and Parents too! Book

To order the kid’s book, simply click on the image of the book below and you will be directed to our shop.

Pause Practice Cards

Select any of the card images below and a new window will open. From there, you can save the images to your device by right-clicking the image and selecting “save image as…” From the new window, you can also go to our shop to order physical cards for yourself and others. 

If you are interested in a BULK ORDER of our books and cards, please contact us HERE.
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Pause Goes To School

Homer on the lookout
An Ordinary Day, An Extraordinary Expirience
The choice is yours
Teamwork and problem solving at its best
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