Homer on the lookout!

as told by Kathy Rusert, Mena, AR

We live on a small farm in rural Arkansas with about 40 momma cows and their babies, along
with a big white bull named Homer.  With gardening as one of my hobbies, many flower
pots are stacked near my shed waiting for spring.  When the wind blew yesterday, one of the
pots went into the field with the cows.  A very curious calf stuck his head into the pot
and it got stuck!  My upset husband was quick to point out the problem and began hustling
around to find some way to capture the calf and get it off.  Deep breath, a few laughs
 (well, maybe more than a few), and with the calf unable to see but with Homer watching,
I quietly walked out and pulled the pot off.  No need to try to capture him! 

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